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End-to-End Cloud Transformation, Migration, and Consulting Services

Cloud has been one of the biggest bi-products and drivers of digital business transformation over the past. The technology has completely revolutionized the way business applications and infrastructure is designed, developed, and managed.

Cloud technology facilitates the implementation of an infrastructure-on-demand approach and supports the seamless integration of evolving technologies. Not only does it offer you an unrivaled level of flexibility, but it also enables innovation, streamlines resources, and improves economies of scale. From boosting productivity and enhancing scalability to increasing time-to-market and reducing operational costs, the potential of the cloud for your business is sky-high. There are multiple cloud services and providers, including Azure Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, IBM Blue Mix, Software AG Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud. Whichever you require, Kellton Tech, as one of the best cloud consulting companies, can help you get the most out of them with our unique differentiation. 

We are one of the leading cloud transformation companies in the US, the UK, and the Asia Pacific and offer a comprehensive suite of cloud transformation and cloud migration services. We have deep-seated experience in aligning the cloud with business-critical processes and help you build an IT for the future, driven by business agility, flexibility, and competitiveness. Our experts have helped several companies worldwide—from Fortune 500s, SMEs, and many startups—in unlocking new opportunities with the cloud at the core, and we can help you too. Hire cloud experts from Kellton Tech today!

How we can help

At Kellton Tech, we combine high-quality agile software delivery processes with cross-domain expertise and an ecosystem of alliances and partnerships to help you accelerate your cloud adoption and migration journeys. Our approach transforms your business into more agile and flexible so that you can address business disruptions head-on and stay ahead of the curve. As one of the best cloud transformation and cloud migration companies, we adopt a coherent approach by closely working with your team to understand areas of optimization, suggest the most suitable cloud offering, embrace best implementation practices, establish transparency and control, and ensure the best cloud management practices

Our talented, highly-experienced team of cloud computing consultants and engineers is at your disposal. We address all types of cloud implementations—Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, and Software-as-a-Service to help your business create and retain a competitive edge. If this interests you, contact our digital transformation experts today and build a disruption-ready, cloud-first infrastructure that helps your business thrive.

Kellton Tech’s Key Cloud Offerings:

  • Cloud advisory and consulting
  • Proof-of-Concept (PoC)
  • Cloud migration and support
  • Audit and optimization
  • DevOps
  • Professional services

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