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In web development, trends come and go like ocean tides. These trends comprise of libraries and frameworks and waver all the time with confounding variety. As a result, it’s often difficult to choose the right technology to maximize the bang for your buck. However, one leading open-source development that has been consistently bullish across the industry is technology web stacks.

Web development stacks are bundles of open-source software that run everything, from the frontend and the backend to the databases and server administration. Of the many stacks available, MEAN and LAMP are the most popular. Whether it’s MEAN or LAMP you’re looking to implement, we can help you develop and deliver web applications that maximize the performance, flexibility, and reliability of your brand.

Kellton Tech’s Key Stack Solutions


We leverage agile methodologies to quickly deliver customized and innovative MEAN stack solutions to a diverse set of clients across multiple domains.



We’re an experienced advocate of the far-reaching potential of the LAMP stack and use it to custom-develop cost-efficient solutions.


We provide


remote and onsite contract stack support to ensure your systems and applications are always available.

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If you’re building back-ends as well as front-ends, we have the Stack solutions to help.