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Banking, Financial Services & Insurance

Providing modern solutions for the pace of modern life

The banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) landscape is changing at an incredible rate. As with so many things in modern society, this change is being fueled by digital technology. There has been a huge rise in mobile payments, contactless technology, digital currencies and online-only financial institutions. This is increasing the pressures on customer retention, risk management and overall financial performance. However, the majority of forward-thinking BFSI enterprises are staying ahead of the game by implementing unique IT solutions. And we’re helping them.

While BFSI is one of the most talked about industries today, Kellton Tech have had a dedicated research and development team in place for years. This has allowed us to provide customized, award-winning mobility solutions and custom-built mobile applications for leading financial institutions and enterprises around the world. From financial payment gateways and call center solutions, to process optimization and unifying customer experiences, we have the portfolio and methodology to help you stay ahead of the curve.

A sample of our solutions

  • Process Visibility and Optimization

-Discover and document key business processes

-Enable simulation, optimization and visibility to reduce cost and cycle times

-Identify manual touch points and eliminate low value activities

  • Unifying Customer Experiences

-Unify branding and experience across web and mobile for entire product portfolio

-Leverage Big Date to identify assets, behaviors and opportunities for new revenue

-Manage acquired product lines and services under a unified brand strategy

  • Financial Payment Gateways

-Secure straight-through processing between customers/partners and internal applications

-Managing of exceptions and provide visibility to transaction lifecycle and costs

-Manage heterogeneous infrastructure and eliminate redundancies

China saw a jump in mobile payments from $340bn in 2015 to

$9 trn in 2017

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