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Jitterbit iPaaS to Future-Proof Businesses

Driven by the outbreak of integration needs, cutting-edge integration platforms have taken over the IT landscape. Often described as the Swiss army knife of integration platforms, thousands of companies leverage Jitterbit cloud integration to drive innovation. 

Jitterbit iPaaS Platform helps connect disparate systems, applications, and processes, allowing enterprises to synchronize on-premise and cloud landscapes to unleash the real value of data and respond to evolving market needs with agility. 

Kellton Tech, a strategic Jitterbit Integration Partner, is an industry leader in providing Jitterbit integration consulting services, implementation, and managed support services. We have helped several customers across the globe achieve integrated hybrid IT landscapes for freeing strategic value trapped within functional silos.

Adopting the API-first methodology while using a robust set of tools and solutions incubated under the Jitterbit’s ecosystem, we facilitate end-to-end digital integration. We help our customers achieve 360-degree business views and boost productivity to inspire innovation.

We Help Enterprises Embrace Business Connectivity to Stay Relevant

Our Services

Jitterbit Application Integration
Jitterbit Application Integration

We help enterprises rapidly build and deploy application integrations in the cloud and on-premises using pre-built templates and workflows to automate business processes and accelerate speed-to-value. Jitterbit provides application integration solutions by endpoint, industry, and role.  

Jitterbit API Integration and Management
Jitterbit API Integration and Management

Jitterbit iPaaS enables companies to design, run, analyze, and securely manage their business APIs and microservices through a cloud-native platform to bridge the delivery gap, gain more outstanding capabilities to self-serve IT, and transform innovation.

Jitterbit B2B Integration
Jitterbit B2B Integration

Jitterbit helps leverage reusable APIs and in-built templates to connect trading partners, increase end-to-end visibility, and automatically process EDI messages to and from any cloud-based, on-premise application, or data source. 

Jitterbit - A Cloud-Based API Integration Platform

Harmony Api Gateway

Scale and manage payload control

API Lifecycle Management

Build, test, and publish APIs while mitigating issues

Intuitive Graphical Interface

Develop connected APIs in minutes

Enhanced Api Analytics

Gain access to API URLs usage based on filters

Developer Portal

Invite API consumers and facilitate consumption

Secure and Reliable

Securely connect and create profiles to restrict access

The Kellton Tech Advantage

  • Access Jitterbit’s comprehensive suite of iPaaS integration solutions
  • Reap maximized collaboration benefits concerning cost, capacity, and speed
  • Advisory, implementation, and managed services support to combine integration scenarios
  • Support all combinations of integrations between SaaS, cloud, and on-premise systems
  • Agile implementation, seamless roll-outs, and 24*7 support and maintenance  
  • Seasoned Jitterbit integration experts and a team of solution architects and engineers
  • Harness a dedicated Center of Excellence (CoE) and practice integration innovation


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