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New Drupal Module: Entity Backup

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New drupal module contributed by Kellton Tech

Once an entity is deleted in your Drupal 7 site, there is no option available to recover the lost data.

Screenshot of entity backup moduleSolution
Kellton Tech has contributed a new module titled 'Entity Backup' that stores a backup of Drupal code entities present on your Drupal 7 site. This module also includes an option 'Restore' that helps to recover entities in case it gets deleted by mistake. The new module helps in easy data recovery of your Drupal website. 

This module enhances the backup system of your Drupal site. If you are working on content i.e. in a content editorial team, due to human error some piece of content gets deleted from your site. There is no need to worry now, because with the help of 'Entity Backup Module', you can recover the lost content.

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