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SEO Meta Fields: Unlocking the Next for Python Developers

Have you ever considered implementing SEO strategy for your website? If yes, then you must have stumbled upon blogs referring to the importance of meta tag information. Meta fields provide information to search engine about the site’s content. They are the first thing that a crawler reads before positioning your blog or website content in the search engine results.

The Python community has been struggling to deal with this most important field of any web page. There is no single package or module in Django CMS that can automatically add every type of SEO Meta fields during development. Developers have to create each field manually by searching the required tags based on their need, which is tedious and time-consuming.

Going the Module Way!!!

We have developed a module SEO Meta Fields that enables users to customize fields or use all fields, according to the project requirement. Developers can choose a specific category of SEO management such as MetaImage, SiteInformation, OpenGraph, GoogleVerification, Advanced Tags, Basic Tags, BingVerification etc. The module is a plug-and-play option, wherein developers do not have to create database fields as the module will create them automatically.

SEO Meta Fields module also helps in the easy and quick development of APIs. You can import models and use various fields including general fields and few advanced fields.

How to Roll Out this Module?

The module can be installed via pip and imported into any web application. You need to follow the below steps to have it installed on your system.

Step 1: Install the package using the command $ pip install seo_meta_fields

Step 2: Add seo_meta_fields to your INSTALLED_APPS setting:

INSTALLED_APPS = [ ... 'seo_meta_fields', ]

Step 3: Run python makemigrations to create the seo_meta_fields fields in the database.

SEO Python Metadata

Step 4: Run python migrate to create the seo_meta_fields models.

Step 5: Start the development server to add SEO meta fields in the application.

SEO Python Metadata