SAP CX Implementation and Upgrade

Growing Sales with SAP CX Implementation and Upgrade

In today’s connected economy, customers seek ‘extreme’ personalization and ‘always-on’ experiences. Therefore, it’s of cardinal importance for retail enterprises to go omnichannel and allow customers to engage with brands, regardless of channel or device. 

Our client, however, wasn’t able to rise to the challenge. Their digital platform was facing performance and scalability issues. As a remedial measure, they tried to fix it by implementing SAP CX Platform. Little did they know that a new hurdle was coming their way. Our client found it difficult to upgrade, support, and maintain their SAP CX implementation due to lack of in-house skills. 

The retail giant partnered with Kellton Tech to help them with their end-to-end SAP CX Implementation and Upgrade requirements. As a long-standing SAP partner, we helped our client transition seamlessly to the latest SAP CX versions and close the multichannel experience gap with a dynamic, pro-agile approach. 


  • Existing digital e-commerce platform was static and lacked performance
  • Lack of in-house skills stalled attempts to upgrade SAP CX releases
  • Support and maintenance issues
Our Solution
  • Built and implemented a roadmap to enable multichannel sales
  • Fine-tuned, stabilized, and upgraded SAP CX implementation for performance uptime
Business Benefits
  • Consolidated e-commerce reach
  • Improved customer experience
  • Boosted sales

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