Ineffective e-commerce retail model; no omnichannel reach; support and scalability issues


Optimized their existing online platform using SAP CX to enable customer centricity; established multi-channel retail capabilities; provided upgrade, support, and maintenance services for IT optimization


Delivered best-in-class performance; harmonized customer experience; enabled scalability to support existing customer base and future growth plans

Key Challenges

  1. As customer expectations for access to 24/7 service and shopping increases, enterprises are hard-pressed to build touchpoints that drive omnichannel retail. Our client was lagging behind in embracing multi-channel digital commerce. They faced performance challenges which hampered customer service and growth.
  2. To thrive in the “experience” economy, our client decided to capitalize on SAP CX’s potential. However, the need for upgrading it from time to time was critical and complex. Our client faced end-of-life for their implementation and was at risk of losing the technical support necessary.
  3. Support and maintenance of SAP CX omnichannel solutions was a concern. Since our client lacked the in-house skills that could fine-tune their new digital commerce investments, bringing IT assets up to speed was daunting, risky, and cost-consuming.

Headquartered in the US, our client is an industry-leading retailer offering more than 70,000 arts, crafts, decor, and seasonal products. From humble beginnings as a $600 start-up craft store to the establishment of over 800 stores nationwide, the company has grown to be recognized as a center of excellence for home decor and creativity.

Our Solutions

To help our client embrace a lean-agile transformation, we created an SAP CX implementation roadmap while factoring in several aspects, such as the length and breadth of IT systems and the ease of scaling. The entire project was divided into stages wherein in each stage a component was developed. Our approach gave our client the opportunity to handle multi-channel sales via common access, which enabled a sales boost on the business side and seamless shopping on the customer side.

Our team took complete ownership of our client’s first SAP CX Upgrade to solve technical and performance roadblocks. We planned and executed end-to-end tasks and streamlined the e-commerce process flow. New Business Enterprise Integrations were also introduced for better performance and scalability. Our solutioning accelerated our client’s journey to a dynamic, customer-centric environment that added new streams of opportunities and revenue.

We provided our deep expertise in the area of SAP CX performance support and maintenance. Our team undertook several activities, which included Search Optimization, Checkout Flow Enhancements, ASM/Customer Service Back Office Enhancements, and Market Basket Customization. Our best-in-class performance tuning and stabilization strategy ensured the long-term viability of business assets and fostered frictionless growth.

Business Benefits

  • Increased performance and consistency of the e-commerce platform
  • Expanded mobile customer traction by over 65%
  • Improved online traffic by over 70%
  • Delivered a two-fold increase in sales and revenue


Project Outcomes

Project Outcomes
Over 40% Increase in sales
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