Large-scale Integration with Kerberos Authentication for Fortune 100 Insurance Company

After years of finding a strong solution to system spoofing and hijacking attacks on unencrypted networks, enterprises have finally found their Holy Grail—Kerberos Authentication. 

Our client, however, was lacking company-wide compliance with Kerberos Authentication. The reason was their obsolete integration solution that lacked support for the industry protocol, leaving their systems and applications vulnerable and unsecured against a tsunami of attacks. In addition to this, the integration layer had created gaps in the supply chains, resulting in system latencies and high maintenance costs. 

The alarm bells were ringing for our client and they collaborated with Kellton Tech to seek a way out. Prioritizing integration with Kerberos Authentication, we chose Software AG’s capabilities to help them sustain in the stern regulatory environment. 


-    Outdated integration solution choked efficiency and created performance stress
-    No Kerberos compliance left business security in jeopardy

Our Solution
  • Upgraded integration solution using Software AG’s webMethods integration
  • New integration solution provided out-of-the-box support features for Kerberos Authentication
  • Established a command center for improved scalability of webMethods landscape
Business Benefits
  • Enabled industry-compliant IT topology
  • Secured server applications through Kerberos compliance
  • Accelerated production and increased agility

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