A Leading Healthcare Equipment Company Goes Full Throttle with E-invoicing system

In the paper-pushing enterprises, invoicing processes are extremely tedious and cumbersome. These enterprises when compete in today’s volatile business environment face a lot of issues as the complexity of their paper-based invoicing poses tough challenges to business teams. 

Our client had similar concerns. They were struggling to keep their financials in order owing to their incompetent, non-automated, and error-prone invoicing solution. Delayed payments resulted in distressed balance sheets. The state of invoicing was further troubled by non-compliance with OIOUBL invoicing standards. Additionally, our client’s integration solution had reached the end of support, resulting in fragmented IT chains and efficiency hurdles. 

Our client collaborated with Kellton Tech, a leading digital transformation provider, to build a smart, secure, advanced, and electronic invoicing (e-Invoicing) solution that could handle global sales and purchases invoicing with ease. We translated their vision to reality with our unbridled passion for innovation. 


  • Delays in invoice generation
  • Lack of industry compliance made invoices ill-suited for B2B transaction-based networking
  • Aging integration solution stifled efficiency and consistency of workflows
Our Solution
  • Deployed an electronic invoicing solution 
  • Implemented high-end mapping specification document for standard compliance
  • Upgraded integration solution using Software AG’s webMethods integration suite
Business Benefits
  • Improved speed and quality of invoice generation
  • Stabilized cash inflow and outflow through automated processing
  • Fulfilled B2B partnerships and networking
  • Increased throughput through integrated IT 

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