SAP ERP Implementation

SAP ERP Implementation for a Leading Comfort Solutions Provider

The recent resurgence of domestic manufacturing has allowed enterprises to save aplenty. Costs that were earlier spent on offshoring labor and productions can now be used strategically to sustain the growth momentum. 

Our client, a global provider of comfort solutions, relocated their production from Asia to their own turf in the US. However, they failed to notice that their legacy systems weren’t competent enough to align with their new IT ecosystem. This impacted production efficiency and the quality of output. Lack of real-time insights further worsened the situation. Our client also did not have visibility into the extended supply chains and couldn’t make informed decisions. 

The crippled state of affairs needed an urgent fix. They turned to Kellton Tech for our deep expertise in the manufacturing industry and our turnkey approach to legacy system modernization. After analyzing their current ecosystem, we carried out SAP ERP implementation to harmonize our client’s existing IT landscape and helped them run operations with efficiency. 


  • Incompetent and incompatible legacy systems
  • Lack of real-time insights
  • No real-time business monitoring
Our Solution
  • SAP ERP implementation to bridge functional gaps 
  • Enabled visibility across sales channels and delivered real-time insights to monitor shipment manifesting using ShipERP
  • Leveraged SAP Fiori to deliver personalized mobile experiences
  • Enabled system hosting and application management using Amazon Web Services
Business Benefits
  • Consolidated IT processes
  • Improved efficiency and reduced downtimes
  • Enhanced decision-making
  • Increased profits

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