Digital 3.0: The Essential Lifeline for Business Continuity

The COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping across the globe and has created a significant amount of uncertainty. Enterprises are facing new operational challenges and striving to maintain continuity against unprecedented odds. 

To help them transform and accelerate response to the pandemic-led disruption, we conducted a webinar titled ‘Digital 3.0: The Essential Lifeline for Business Continuity’, where our experts talked about:  

  • The current state of business disruption across the globe amid COVID-19
  • The emerging role of digital technologies as ‘saviors’ to help businesses reinvent and survive these unpredictable times
  • The need of moving in the direction of digital, now and in the future

This webinar is a learning opportunity for VPs, Directors, CIOs, CXOs, Senior Managers, and policymakers, who are looking for sustainable digital practices to unlock new models of work and position their businesses for consistent growth. 

About Our Speakers

  • Amit Grover, VP – Sales, Kellton Tech

Amit Grover is a seasoned IT professional with a high degree of experience in defining growth-ready digital transformations for customers of all sizes. Being well-versed in concepts around digital and market dynamics, Amit has helped businesses drive innovation and scale competitively with a user-driven focus. 

  • Sushil Tripathi, VP – Technology, Kellton Tech

Sushil Tripathi has a distinguished experience in disruptive technology implementations across multiple verticals. He has helped startups to bootstrap and scale, and leveraged his deep understanding of various technologies and domains to help large-scale enterprises transform digitally.