Microsoft .NET is a free, cross-platform, and open-source framework, controlling a big slice of today’s ever-growing development space. With an approachable interface and a wide catalog of features, it’s a go-to developer platform for building web, mobile, desktop, gaming, and IoT applications. A key factor that powers Microsoft .NET’s popularity is its range of advanced multiple libraries and editors that reduces risks and costs associated with developing and enhancing mission-critical business applications. Microsoft .NET can also be used with a variety of programming languages, including C++, F#, C#, and VB.NET, optimizing enterprise application portfolios for high-value outcomes. 

If you’re looking to develop high-quality applications faster, .NET is the framework for you. As a trusted and certified Microsoft Gold Partner, we can work with you to get the most out of this brilliant framework.

How we can help

Kellton Tech is a leading .NET development company, facilitating enterprises to innovate at speed and achieve maximize efficiency. We deliver customized solutions by combining our expertise with high-end functionalities of .NET, which includes extensive class libraries, APIs, multi-language support, and .NET tooling, to help enterprises catalyze performance growth. Our experts double down on business-focused SLAs and apply proven methodologies to align your application topologies with innovative .NET technologies and accelerate value creation on the go. 

Kellton Tech’s Key .NET Offerings

1.  Microsoft .NET Consulting Services

Our best-in-class .NET consultants conduct workshops and multiple brainstorming sessions to get a drill on your business requirements and create an action plan to accelerate your journey towards being a digitally holistic enterprise. 

2.   Microsoft .NET Integration Services

We enable enterprise application integrations through service-oriented architectures (SOAs) or web services and help you optimize end-to-end business processes while also ensuring consistency of data. Our experts make sure that your application integrations are laid out in a systemized fashion to help you break up from IT disparateness and build standardization. 

3.   Microsoft .NET Application Development Services

We develop, deploy, and manage agile applications by leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of .NET. Our custom .NET solutions are well-suited for handling heavy workloads and fuel business growth in terms of higher efficiency, more personalization, and unceasing innovation. 

4.   Microsoft .NET Product Customization Services

We provide full cycle .NET product customization services to help you seamlessly cater to heterogeneous market needs and maintain a competitive edge. 

5.   Microsoft SharePoint Application Development Services

Our world-class team of SharePoint experts offers consultation, development, customization, migration, and support services to help you innovate the core of your business. 

6.   Microsoft Application Migration Services

We help you seamlessly switch to advanced .NET ecosystems by applying the right set of methodologies, combined with our deep-rooted expertise. Our experts adhere to a well-defined, coherent approach, which involves discovering and evaluating apps, selecting a migration strategy, cost and reinvestment analysis, planning for security and data protection, and monitoring. 

7.   Xamarin Application Development Services

We build robust cross-platform Xamarin application solutions by leveraging key insights into user groups and target markets. Our customized solutions help you optimize performance to support market volatilities and ensure quick multiplication in user engagement levels for improved growth. 

8.   Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions Services

Our experts are adept at building and deploying Azure Cloud Solutions that facilitate enterprises to manage their differentiated assets with ease. We help you take your on-premise infrastructure to cloud to enable breakthrough scalability to meet the business challenges of today and jumpstart innovation.  

Kellton Tech, a Trusted Microsoft .NET Development Company

As a trusted and certified Microsoft Gold Partner, we’re uniquely positioned to help you get the most out of .NET. Our expert developers at our Microsoft Center of Excellence (CoE) are highly proficient at: 

Enterprise-wide Applications

  1. Microsoft Dynamics
  2. .NET Core
  3. Webservices
  4. Microservices

Embedded System Applications

  1. IoT-based applications
  2. Biometric systems and sensors
  3. Mobile apps and PDA devices
  4. Efficient, smart ecosystems

Automation-driving Workflow-enabled Applications

  1. .NET frameworks
  2. Webservices


  2. Microdot
  3. Microsoft Orleans

Office 365 Plug-ins


  1. Azure IoT
  2. Azure Blockchain
  3. Azure AI
  4. Azure Analytics
  5. Azure Service Fabric

Power BI


  1. SQL Server
  2. Cosmos DB
  3. Azure SQL
  4. SQL Server Data Warehouse
  5. SQL Server Integration Services
  6. SQL Server Reporting Services

We’ve used uniquely sophisticated engagement models to develop business solutions for our clients across the globe. Our vast experience allows us to quickly analyze your specific business needs and build applications that streamline your operations and optimize your costs. 

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