Control the quality, content and appearance of your business components

As technology continuously changes, so does the media landscape. As we are currently in a particularly disruptive technological period, it is more important than ever that media houses refrain from following traditional practices. They must instead embrace digital reinvention. In order to create next-gen user experiences and achieve overall business excellence, media organizations must transform operating models. They must also boost their in-house capabilities by building technology roadmaps.

Kellton4Media is our specially-developed framework that helps you create the right balance of scrutiny and control over the quality, content and appearance of your business components.  Kellton4Media covers all the diverse tasks and functions involved in a media organization. It gives you control over ad publishing, story filing and content editing. It allows you to efficiently handle user-engagement programs. It enhances the searchability and availability of images, videos and other content across sites. Whatever you need it to do, this unique media solution framework adds speed and precision to the entire backend functionality without the need to depend on the coders and developers.

How we can help

At Kellton Tech, our experts understand the dynamic needs of the media houses. We’ve designed this unique framework after carefully analyzing their contemporary business needs and their customer’s preferences. As a result, you can now develop an ecosystem where you fully own your data and technology. What’s more, you can also holistically manage the complete media supply chain through an integrated platform.

Kellton4Media supports seamless administration across channels and platforms. This helps you enrich user experiences both at the backend and the frontend level. Whether it’s social media integration, SEO optimization or building a scalable platform that helps you gain competitive advantages, we can help you digitally reinvent you media workflow. All you have to do is contact us to get started.

Kellton Tech’s Key Kellton4Media Offerings:

  • Integrated CMS Platform
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Deep CDN Integration
  • Workflow Management and Integration
  • Workflow Engine
  • Cross-Site Media Repository
  • Complete Frontend Layout Control
  • Convergence of Diverse Media Components

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Whatever business problem you have, we have the media solution framework to help.