SAP Application Management Services

Enjoy management services across the SAP application spectrum

Digital transformation has revolutionized the way we do business. While hardware and human process management have played a huge part, it is software like SAP that has truly optimized businesses and made them more efficient and effective. SAP provides a world of end-to-end solutions that allow common information to be shared. However, these multiple SAP environments need maintaining, enhancing and managing themselves. That’s where the experts at Kellton Tech come in.

SAP Application Management Services (AMS) are a set of processes and methodologies that help you to handle your multiple SAP environments. AMS looks after all your development, implementation, integration, testing, maintenance, system administration, SLAs, logistics, accounting, support and help desk services. As a certified SAP Gold Partner, we can leverage these application management services to help you deploy, manage, monitor and improve your SAP solutions and processes, on any platform.

How we can help

We’re proud to be a SAP Gold Partner. We’re prouder still to be among 5% of the global SAP partners who have met the rigorous standards for Partner Centre of Expertise (PCoE) status. This accreditation, together with our extensive SAP Application Management Services experience and expertise, allows us to strive for excellence in delivering the three pillars of support—implementation, operation, and innovation.

Kellton Tech’s respected application management services support model balances both onshore and offshore resources to ensure uninterrupted support for you. Our global team members are experts across ECC, BAiO, S/4HANA and S/4HANA Public Cloud. They’re here to help you instantly meet the demands of modern business and ensure your customers’ complete satisfaction.


  • It automates process for efficiency and control
  • It can be delivered on mobile platforms and PC-based ones
  • It’s highly flexible and adaptable and can be scaled as you do
  • It’s super safe and can provide or restrict permissions according to requirements
  • It improves and simplifies financial management
  • It can manage cash flow, process bank statements and generate reports using real-time data
  • It allows businesses to close processes faster and with fewer errors
  • It improves customer service by providing valuable insights into their habits and queries
  • It automates redundant processes, thus freeing up human resources
  • It improves supportability and performance while reducing TCO
  • It allows you to attain a competitive edge

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Whatever business problem you have, we have the SAP Application Management Services solution to help.