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Software AG - one of the sharpest tools in your arsenal

Active in more than 70 countries, Software AG is a leading business tool that helps you build new digital journeys and constantly create new opportunities for growth. It can also enable enterprises to integrate, connect and manage their IoT components and even predict future events based on AI. When it comes to digital transformation, few elements are as central to its success as Software AG. We know this because Kellton Tech have been a proud and trusted Software AG partner since 1997.

Are you looking to transform your business by leveraging technology from Software AG’s Digital Business Platform? If so, we can work together to create infinite possibilities that will help you do business faster, better and simpler than ever before.

Our Software AG Solutions

  • webMethods Upgrade and Modenization to DBP w/t DevOps
  • Real-time analytics of IoT and big data with Apama
  • Rapid B2B and partner integration solutions
  • Nimble adhoc support services for Software Ag webMethods environments
  • High throughput data-as-a-service architecture leveraging in-memory data grids with Terracotta and Big Memory
  • Unified API portal frameworks for SoftwareAG API Portal
  • SAG API Management: APIs for legacy modernization and digital transformation
  • Normalizing SaaS integration with CloudStreams

How we can help

Kellton Tech have been a proud Software AG partner and a highly successful webMethods partner since 2003. During this time, we’ve become one of their most sought-after implementors and resellers of webMethods software.

By leveraging Software AG’s Digital Business Platform, our Digital Integration practice has quickly become a leader in enterprise-level integration, API management and multi-speed IT strategy. So, whether it’s strategy, architecture, consulting or the realization of enterprise-integration solutions you’re after, we can bring our proven expertise to digitally transform your enterprise.

Software AG Practice Benefits

  • Operates in Minimum Viable Product-based delivery model
  • Uses dedicated CoEs for APIs, DevOps and IoT
  • Provides unrivalled IT agility and innovation
  • Creates an ecosystem of micro-services and API-based dev-ops and CI/CD
  • Enables rapid integration and on-boarding of enterprise partners
  • Enhances process optimization and automation with RPA driven process orchestration
  • Facilitates hybrid integration architecture
  • Engineers a digital middleware eco-system
  • Builds IoT ecosystems that allow for insight driving real-time results
  • Maintains, modernizes and upgrades critical integration systems
  • Establishes a rapid time-to-market of middleware and integration functionality

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