IoT Implementation and Security Best Practices

As Digital Transformation is gaining traction among enterprises, decision-makers are investing heavily to build technology roadmaps that will empower them to run and grow instantly. Although many are considering IoT adoption as part of their transformation initiative, it raises its own set of concerns, which must be addressed.  

Sushil Tripathi, VP of Technology, will give a brief overview of how to successfully implement IoT to make your enterprise more connected, analytically capable, highly secure, and strongly cognitive. He will address the concerns with respect to the security and privacy of sensitive business data, the fear of failure while integrating IoT with legacy systems, the risks of moving to the cloud, and the expected ROI. He will also provide valuable insights to help you make a confident decision between the build or buy approaches and will help you develop successful IoT strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discuss in detail how legacy systems can be integrated with the modern IoT world
  • Learn how to make IoT adoption for SMEs and enterprises seamless
  • Figure out the practicality of IoT solution for various industries
  • Know what can be the best strategies or approaches to become IoT enabled
  • Unfold the innovative ways to mitigate IoT data security risks