Outdated integration solution hampered efficiencies; non-automated workflows resulted in operational latency; data disorganization hindered business value


Upgraded integration solution using Software AG’s webMethods; implemented Software AG’s Business Process Management (BPM) for increased agility; performed Database Cleansing for improved data quality


Boosted efficiency; accelerated service timelines; improved data governance

Key Challenges

  1. System Integration is pivotal for enterprises looking for gaining efficiency and scaling capabilities required for the digital economy. However, our client’s ability to thrive in the digital world was under threat. The reason was their obsolete integration solution, which led to service latencies, limited visibility, and hindered business process automation.
  2. Since workflows were completely out of pace, the resulting efficiency hurdles were staggering. The number of help desk tickets on workflow task related issues was considerably up, thereby, indicating receding process efficiencies. Redundant tasks led to delays in the timely completion of business workflows.
  3. Disorganized data resulted in performance stress. Our client had huge chunks of data, which were difficult to manage and glean through. Finding relevant information in the shortest time was almost impossible. This had slowed down the business process executions considerably.

Our client is a leading US-based foodservice distributor that offers more than 350,000 brand products to over 250,000+ customers in 60+ locations nationwide. Founded in 1989, the company is committed to inspiring restaurants’ success by delivering great food, offering tools and services that make for an efficient kitchen, and driving business optimization at every level.

Our Solutions

We built a cohesive strategy with a focus on addressing efficiency and productivity hassles. As a part of the strategy, the team upgraded the webMethods integration suite, from version 8.2 to 9.8, which glued the systems together. Even better, we improved the architecture by segregating webMethods environments into two clusters—SODS and non-SODS—depending on the relative volume of the applications.

We implemented Software AG’s Business Process Management (BPM) to solve operational hiccups which the workforce had been experiencing. Our approach automated manual processes for business users and eliminated task redundancies, thereby reducing the overall turnaround time. This was helpful in leveraging baseline benefits in terms of speed, consistency, visibility, and agility, which are strategic imperatives to achieve for the enterprises of today.

We performed Database Cleansing to ensure that our client access the most recent files and documents with ease. This was effective in updating and consolidating data relevant to the business and keeping big-wave security threats at bay. We also deployed Software AG’s Command Central for enabling unified monitoring, management, and troubleshooting of our client’s entire IT footprint through a single point of access. This provided end-to-end landscape view with basic health indicators and alerts that contributed to profound decision-making and planning.

Business Benefits

  • Enabled integration of best-of-breed IT systems
  • Increased business agility and efficiency through business process automation
  • Improved service levels with reduced workflow task failures
  • Increased speed of decision-making
  • Reduced IT costs
  • Improved system performance through integration layer optimization

Project Outcomes

From 20/week to 0 Tickets in a week

95% Reduction in task failures

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