Software AG BPM drives 3X Increase in Workflow Performance for the US-based Foodservice Supplier

Gone are the days of cord-cutting business management solutions. Today’s hypercompetitive environment requires more, in fact, the ‘best.’  The new crop of Business Process Management (BPM) solutions has the potential of driving efficiency and innovation for the enterprises that want to disrupt without being disrupted. 

A leading foodservice distributor in the United States was struggling to get on the wheel and lock steps with the new market dynamics. Their workflow systems were slow, cumbersome, and limited in terms of features, which hampered their ability to compete. Their integration solution has also gone obsolete which crippled agility. 

Our client collaborated with Kellton Tech to transform their approach. We placed our bets on Software AG’s Business Process Management (BPM) solution to help them reinvent their business models for unparalleled growth. 


  • Complex, non-automated processes led to efficiency challenges 
  • Obsolete integration solution slowed down productivity and blocked visibility into supply chains
  • Disorganized data resulted in the ambiguity of information and endangered security
Our Solution
  •  Implemented Software AG’s BPM solution for effective documenting, monitoring, and tracking of processes
  •  Upgraded integration solution using Software AG’s webMethods integration suite
  •  Performed Database Cleaning to ensure data accuracy and security
Business Benefits
  • Optimized workflows through BPM standardization
  • Improved productivity and competitiveness
  • Enhanced speed, consistency, and visibility
  • Streamlined data delivery and security

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